December 6, 2021

Tips for making your home smell incredible

Nobody likes a stuffy, smelly room – right? Walking into an aromatic atmosphere is not only pleasant to the homeowner, but it also makes the visit much more comfortable for guests. Here are a few easy tips for getting your home to smell clean and fresh:

#1 The power of Vanilla Extract

Fill a spray can with water and add about ten drops of vanilla extract (depending on the desired intensity of the fragrance). Use this as a room spray, or spray the mixture on your curtains, cushions, and bedsheets. You can also put this mixture in your room diffuser, and voila!

#2 Burn incense sticks


Ah, the classic incense sticks! This is definitely a personal favourite. Not only do you have a huge variety of different scents to choose from (you even get them in chocolate), but they are also very affordable! One box of incense sticks will cost you about N$15-N$20. 

#3 Fabric conditioner

Fabric conditioner is not just great for clothes – it can be used in many different ways to freshen your home!

1. You can simply place a few of these refill packs around in your home – such as in cupboards, or at the back of your closet, etc. 

2. Pour about 500ml of water into a cooking pot and place it on the stove. Add one refill pack (fabric conditioner) and a few drops of essential oils (optional) to the water, and bring the mixture to boil. Use heat-resistant gloves to take the pot from the stove, and let the pot “steam” throughout your house by carrying it slowly through all the rooms. This should leave your home fresh for at least a week!

3.  Fill a spray bottle with water, and add some fabric conditioner (depending on the required intensity of the fragrance). Frequently spray this mixture onto your curtains, carpets, cushions, sofas, and beds. 

#4 Baby powder

Ah, the loving smell of a baby’s bum! This is what baby powder reminds us of – right? Did you know that this is a wonderful product when it comes to keeping your bedding fresh?  After washing your bedsheets, sprinkle a bit of baby powder onto your pillows, mattress, and duvet inserts before covering it with the freshly washed covers and sheets. (Remember that everything is good in moderation – be careful not to sprinkle too much baby power, as this might turn your sheets white and looking powdery.  

Happy housekeeping!